The murder mistery

"Wich will retain the remmants of what once was a nose
Pass me my robe my bathtub with water
But the real thing's alone and it is no man's brothers

Safety is nice
No one nose
Not an unwise word spoken
No nose is good news and senseless
Scary bad dreams
Extend the wine
Made safe in lovely songs
Drink here a toast, to selfless
No doom or gloom
Ten years old port
Allowed in this room
Is perfect in court

Casbah and cascade and rosehip and feeling
Cascade and cyanide Rachmaninoff Beethoven
Oh not to be whistled or studied or hummed
Skull silly wagons and justice and perverse
And reverse the inverse of inverse and inverse
Of remembered at nights when the eye is alone
Bluebelly questionable earnings
Hustlers lamented the festival in due cry
But to skewer and ravage and savage and split
Babble and srabble and browbeat and heard was
Chewing on minstrals and chocking and heard was
With the grace of a diamond and bellicose wit
Seize please seems the order of the day
Please the king please the king please the king day
To stun and to stagger with words of such stone
Casbah and cascade and rosehip and feeling
Point or order return the kings here to the ceiling
That those who do hear cannot again return home

Hello to Ray
Hello Godiva and Angel
There's nothing up my shoulder
Who let you in?
Just is a must
Isn't it nice the party?
Shaving my head's made me bolder
Aren't the lights
Will you kindly read
Pretty at night?
What it was I bought thee?"
(Creo que lo mejor de levantarse por la mañana es disfrutar de algo como esto)

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